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  1. Yes I leave from Zeeland area.
  2. About 45 mins straight north
  3. I went out to Cedar Creek Sunday 3/5/17. When I was driving to the trailhead the closer I got the more the snow piled up. I thought well this could be a scenic drive instead of a riding trip. Pull into the drive, the gate was still locked and shut. I decided to pull down to the first place trail crosses over 2 track and park. 3 other vehicles were already park and you could hear them out on the trail. We unloaded and started on the trail. I was worried about Ice and snow covering trail since we had seen a bunch on the drive up. To my surprise the trails seemed in Great shape. It has some snow and Ice covering the trail in the dense wooded area and pines, but other than that is was a nice ride. We road the north section. Hopefully I can get out and try Holton or horseshoe depending on weather this weekend.
  4. Michigan

    I made it to Cedar creek today. We parked on the road near 2 other truck and a van. We hit the trail, The conditions seemed to be good. in the heavy wooded areas or in the pines they had some snow covering the trail. I would say it was a great day to ride. Fingers crossed we don't get anymore snow maybe riding season in here.. Next weekend I will be up to ride if anyone wants to join up for a slow ride.
  5. Michigan

    Anyone ride Cedar, Bolton or horseshoe today ? I want to go out tomorrow to Cedar or Holton.
  6. So I believe the orv tag/sticker states it has to be placed on the back of the bike. I have seen them placed on fork tubes, on the swing arm and on each side of the bike on the # plate. I placed mine on the rear fender last year. After the deer decided to run into me I had to replace the front and rear fender which meant replacing the ORV stickers. I really want to place them on the forks. I just don't want to get a ticket or have to deal with a crabby DNR officer.
  7. Michigan

    Is Holton well marked ? I haven't been out to that trail. I also want to try Horseshoe as well. What road is trail head off of in Holton ?
  8. Michigan

    Thank you for the Update. I might head that way on Saturday.
  9. Michigan

    I went North today to try the Big O Near whiskey creek campground. They still had snow and Ice covering the trail in the woods. I should have gone to Cedar creek or Tried Horseshoe lake.. maybe next weekend.
  10. Michigan

    I am asking more about Horseshoe lake which is near freemont.
  11. Michigan

    I didn't get a chance to make out to ride today. I am still waiting on the spark arrestor to show up. Anyone go out riding today ? I will assume cedar creek is a wet and muddy mess.
  12. Michigan

    I didn't make it out this weekend. The spark arrestor insert I ordered didn't get here Friday. I wonder if they got as much rain up on the trail as we did here in Zeeland. Next week they are calling for temps in the 50's so I think I will try to get out 1 of those days as well. The other issues Is since Ijust bought the Bike I don't have ORV stickers yet. Do I by them just to expire in a few weeks or chance it by not having any. I really wish I could Purchase the 17 stickers.
  13. Michigan

    Can you give any update after the rain ? I would like to ride Sunday, just not sure about the weather and trail conditions.
  14. After looking some of this up on line and making a call to a buddy. He also suggested turning the Knob. I went to turn it 1 way and it wouldn't turn at all. I turned in the other what seemed to be 10 clicks before it would finally run on its own. So now I can start it with choke out. Let it sit for about a min take a ride down the road Stop and push Choke in and everything is fine. The idle was just set very low. Thanks everyone.
  15. I purchased a brand new 2016 Yamaha YZ250F. At the dealer when I picked it up I pulled the idle/choke Knob out and it started on 2nd or 3rd kick. I heard it run for about 30 seconds and shut it down and loaded it on the truck. This was about a month ago. Today I get home from work and it 45degrees out. I went out and kicked it a couple times nothing. Pulled the Knob out and kicked again and it started. I road it down the Road a couple times. Every time I pushed the knob in the Bike will stall out. So I started the bike put it on the stand with the knob out. I went inside and came out 2-3 mins later and I had about a 4 inch round spot of antifreeze on the floor. I pushed the Knob in and the bike stalled out. I am calling the Dealer where I purchased the Bike tomorrow to Discuss this. Just want to make sure I am calling things right and am Understanding what is going on.