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  1. Hey guys, Trying to get some info on a good stator upgrade that someone has possibly tried (to run a headlight for my 07 450 SX-F) thanks!
  2. I have a full 450 sx-f.. I just want to put the xcf bottom end on my current sxf top end for 5 gears.. if that makes sense... Hahah
  3. Yeah... Smh.. I meant RF4 ha. Anyways I figured the crank and piston might be a bit different. I guess what I'm really trying to see if they would mount together like a Frankenstein 450 sx-fexc ha!
  4. Okay guys, any info would be appreciated.. so I am trying to turn my 07 SX-F into an enduro/SM style bike.. I understand that the 07 RFS is not capable of a 5-6 speed transmission. I mean you could but that would cost way more then being worth it in my eyes I was wondering if anyone has attempted to set a 07 sx-f top end on a 09 xcf bottom end.... the bore stroke is exactly the same(97 x 60.8 mm) and the compression ratio is the same as well (12.5:1). thanks guys!