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  1. pileoparts

    1996? yz250 missing jug/cylinder part out or pay?

    Ha. I have at least 20 cycles, so It'd probably last me the rest of my life. I just can't believe the prices for used parts on this bike. Unless I don't charge enough when I part out some of mine. I would of thought I could get a complete running engine for $500 at the most. Located a bored cyl without piston, but I thought you bore them to the piston, or is it the other way around? There was a complete bike by me that needed lower end for $250 but two problems arose. First, it was sold. Second, I'd have ANOTHER bike that needed a motor. Sometimes I get into a lose, lose situation.
  2. pileoparts

    1996? yz250 missing jug/cylinder part out or pay?

    That's my dilemma. Do I put the money and time into it to have a $1500 bike when in all reality I could of just bought one ready to go for $1500. I'm going to give it some time still but if I don't find some cheaper parts I'm going to have to bid her farewell.
  3. pileoparts

    1996? yz250 missing jug/cylinder part out or pay?

    I'm not a power seller but have 100% rating. I truly can't stand packaging and shipping, but generally get top dollar for things IMO. Think the lower end is worth the most money. Would probably post here first though to save on fees and India scammers. Of course anyone can ask anything they want as far as prices go, but I've seen asking prices for a late 90s of $1500 seems to be the ballpark. Anyone have any input on what it's worth if I just sell it the way it sits?
  4. pileoparts

    1996? yz250 missing jug/cylinder part out or pay?

    He's honest and would give my money back but I knew I could part out and get that back. Just didn't want to because it was just missing top end and I end up having parts lying around for years.
  5. pileoparts

    1996? yz250 missing jug/cylinder part out or pay?

    Yes, seller hasn't located jug as of yet and not looking good. Wasn't really looking for a big thumper like this, but when the deal looks good I take it. Majority of my two-strokes are 50cc (I'm old...and still alive). Had an rm80 couple years ago and that was plenty. Thanks for the input and I'll try to hold off on parting out, but am always more than happy to make a premium on anything.
  6. Long time four stroke (mostly Hondas) rider. Purchased a thought to be complete bike that was unassembled to powder coat by previous owner. Appears to be complete other than the jug/cylinder is missing and everything that would be bolted to it like power valves and ?. So I need to either find a complete jug or cut my loses and part out. Thought I'd be able to find a jug for around $100. hahahaha WRONG. I do have the carb, exhaust, head and piston (minus rings). Been looking on ebay for a couple months now. I see big bore kits and a lot of newer bike cylinders, but I don't know what years fit or what are good brands. And most importantly what's a good price to keep my investment to a minimum?