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  1. Missouri

    Well my pans have changed, I cut my hand at work today, won’t be riding this weekend unfortunately
  2. Missouri

    Anyone riding Chadwick this weekend? Looking to meet up to ride with someone down there Saturday
  3. Get the knee braces before it too late. I ride woods and use pods knee braces, I don’t ride without them.
  4. Get “knee brace socks”. I tried a pair and haven’t went Back since. It makes a knee guard or brace much more comfortable
  5. Great bike. I love mine
  6. Missouri

    I Had a bad ass night ride out at Chadwick last Friday night. I came from the stl area where it was dry and to my surprise upon arrival to Chadwick... snow and ice! I had to put the truck in 4x4 just to get through the campground. The Friday night ride was awesome and the snow seemed to increased visibility. The snow melted by Saturday afternoon and it became a sloppy mess! Was Anyone else out there last weekend?
  7. Anyone run any battery powered lights on a mx bike without electric start or a lighting Stator https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/839/72317/Thumper-Jockey-MX-2000-Headlight-Kit Has anyone used this product? Or something similar? Is it worth the price? Looking for lights for my Yz250x
  8. Has anyone used these things? I’m sure they will be warm, But i have a feeling they might be awkward and restrictive when riding. I’m going to try them out tomorrow. Anyone have any experiences with these?
  9. Missouri

    Saturday weather looks great! Anyone want to meet up to ride Chadwick Saturday?
  10. Anyone want to brave the cold tomorrow?
  11. Anyone want to meet up at finger lakes tomorrow?
  12. Missouri

  13. Oh shoot. I️ got there early and left at about 2pm. Maybe next time
  14. I️ rode st Joe today. All of the leaves have fallen and have hidden many dangers under a bed of leaves. It was a good day though
  15. Yes. I️m supposed to be meeting a few other people down there. I’ll be in a red f250. If your down there and see me come say hello