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  1. jonus

    2001 Honda wiring

    I have replaced the tranny bearings in my cr125 and installed stator back in engine now I have power coming out of the blue and white wires going into the CDI unit but cannot get any power coming out of any of the other wires to the coil. Any help would be muchly appreciated
  2. What’s the difference they look the same I was wondering if it would fit if not why
  3. jonus


    In order to change it to a 426 would I have to change the crank gears
  4. jonus


    I have a yz 400 with the conecting rod gone but when I bought it the bolt threads were broke off on the crank
  5. jonus


    Can anyone tell me the difference in a yz400 and a yz 426 crank and a cheap place in Canada to purchase a cheaper crank
  6. jonus


    Can anyone feel me the difference between a yz/wr 426 and yz/wr 400 crank with measurements and somewhere in Canada to get a cheep crank
  7. jonus

    Yz 400 help pleas

    What about a crank out of a 2003 yz450 crank
  8. jonus

    Yz 400 help pleas

    I will have a look so the 426 crank will fit the base of the 400
  9. jonus

    Yz 400 help pleas

    The connecting rod is broke and the end of the shaft is twist off
  10. I have a 1999 yz400f with the crank gone can anyone tell me who makes them besides the dealer looking for something cheaper than $600
  11. jonus

    Help Kawasaki prairie 700

    Hello I bought a 2005 prairie 700 and lost the motor after I disassembled it I found it was only the connecting rod bearing I replaced the bottom bearing and now the connecting rod is getting stuck on tdc and bdc If anyone has any ideas what to do please help
  12. jonus

    Clutch case crack need help!!!

    Okay thanks I'll let you know what happens tomorrow
  13. jonus

    Clutch case crack need help!!!

    The bike is a 2006 and it looks to be hit from the outside and I'm going to bring it to my local shop and see what they can do with it I think it's magnesium
  14. I was riding my bike today and noticed oil leaking out of my engine after I flipped. I took it home and found a big crack by my kickstart does anyone know the best way to fix this and if it can be welded t