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  1. stump146

    Z-Start Pro Clutch

    Ditto on my 2008 RMZ 450,makes a slight squeking noise when I pull out then nothing,think it's normal.No slippage for mine.
  2. stump146

    New look for my "08" Zook

    I would like to put black rims on this winter,we will see how the funds are!!
  3. stump146

    New look for my "08" Zook

    Once I put the black rear fender on it flows alot better,Have to take new pics and post them.
  4. stump146

    New look for my "08" Zook

    I did forget to put the rear fender on ,OOPs!!
  5. stump146

    I`m wanting a softer clutch pull

    Rekluse auto clutch!!
  6. stump146

    WARNING!!! Meltdown.

    Just ordered mine,not taking any chances!!
  7. stump146

    Anyone tried a 120/90-19 Rear Tire??

    I just put a pair of the new Dunlop Geomax M51 Int. on my bike ,and they are amazing! The stock Bridgestones where a good tire as well but these corner really well and I went with the 120x19,Hopefully they wear well.
  8. stump146

    08 RMZ 450 suspension set up

    I went with 5.9 rear spring,.49 fork springs and 140 pressure springs with a revalve. much better for us big guys.
  9. stump146

    Anyone went from CRF450 '05 to RMZ450?

    went from 2006 CRF450 to an 08 Rmz450 ,no comparison!! The zook turns and handles like no other bike I have had. The Honda had more on top, but a pipe and remap took care of that.
  10. check out the One Industries website,they are showing complete kit with the red seat cover,looks bangin!!
  11. stump146

    My 2008!!Show me yours!!

    You betcha!! Stamped and regular concrete.
  12. stump146

    Who got the best looking -08/09 ?

    No,Keeney Motosports in Lebanon
  13. stump146

    Who got the best looking -08/09 ?

    my local shop has the tuner,I let them do it. Cost me $75.00
  14. stump146

    Who got the best looking -08/09 ?

    Yeah,Huge differance.Went with the Yosh tune as well. Bike pulls forever now.