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  1. May want to check this out, $60. Seems like a good idea if you're cheap like me. http://www.fusiononeusa.com/
  2. Talked to a local racer and he hooked me up with a used tire that's in much better shape than my old tire, thanks for the suggestions everyone.
  3. I really appreciate the offer and this is why TT is such a great site but I'm in Sanford and I don't have my license yet and my dad is unwilling to drive me that far. I'm most likely going to either go with a Milville 2 or washougal II. anyone out there try both and have a well formulated opinion?
  4. I've read a few other threads and the kenda washougal II keeps popping up and I think i'll give it a try, just got to find the best place to buy it from. thanks.
  5. I'm looking for a front tire for my 200XC, I ride mostly sand, soft loamy dirt, and a little bit of that tacky red carolina clay. Like most 15 year olds I don't have a whole lot of extra money lying around as my only income is during summer and fall when I'm cutting grass and raking leaves so I can't be spending 80 dollars on a tire. My bike still has the original front tire and it's been patched so many times I believe there is more patch than actual tire, the thing is awfully dry and missing a lot of sideknobs and is probably too sketchy to continue riding on. What front tire will last a fair amount of time, perform well on the mentioned terrain, and not kill my wallet? thanks.
  6. FMF Gnarly and a new Fly Racing jersey
  7. The bore is really smooth and there’s no scratches that I can feel with my finger nail. I’m 15 and my only income is mowing lawns in the summer and I don’t have enough money for a replace at the moment. Would it be safe to run like this for a little while longer with just new rings or should I let it sit in the garage til I have enough money to have it replated?
  8. I’m not losing any trans oil and I’m using good quality 2 stroke oil so I don’t think it’s either of those
  9. Ok, thanks
  10. should a scotch brite pad suffice as a scouring pad? The PO neglected this bike and it was listed fairly cheap and I thought it would be a good project to learn how to repair and do proper maintenance on
  11. here's some photos of the cylinder, still pretty new to this, anything noticeably wrong or anything that needs attention? I measured the the inside of the cylinder with a micrometer and I took the measurements a few different ways and all the measurements were a bit different but within .02 mm of each other both sideways across the cylinder and front to back along the cylinder.
  12. I think my dad has a micrometer, I'll measure the cylinder after school.
  13. I beleive it is Nikasil, I don't know a thing about cylinders, if it is worn how would this be fixed?
  14. How can I found out for sure if that's what it is?
  15. what's that mean?