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  1. A few weeks ago I witnessed the death of my KTM's bottom end. The crank seized up and it left me stranded in the dunes. Eventually I got it home, and immediately tore into the motor. Because the crank was completely frozen, there was no way I could even budge the piston. So I was forced to tear it down without finding TDC. Now that I have everything back together, how does one find TDC without the help of the marks on the cams?
  2. RedBlur98

    KTM Oil Weep Hole?

    I'll give that a try and see what I come up with!
  3. RedBlur98

    KTM Oil Weep Hole?

    I have an 08 KTM XCF-W 250, and I've noticed that after about an hour of pretty hard riding there is an ugly oil residue that is coming out of a small hole on the side of the cylinder head (I.e. Just below the spark plug wire) Nothing crazy like a steady oil flow or leak, just a bunch of residue that constantly needs wiped off. Bad seals? Head gasket? Piston rings?