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  1. Bill3753

    Husky TE310?

    TE310 is a factory enduro bike, 6 speed with factory lights, etc. It's street legal. Would it's still be a close ratio?
  2. Bill3753

    Husky TE310?

    Been searching for a dual sport for a bit and had basically decided to pick up either a WR250R or CRF250L. Primarily looking for a good used bike with maintenance records. Riding experience includes 16+ years street, limited dirt. Current street bike is a Yamaha FZ-09 and it's a straight hooligan blast of a bike, wheelies galore. I want a dual sport to commute 12 miles with when the weather is crap and to hit the OHV park (10 miles away). The park has about 50 miles of trails. So today, I find a shiny 2010 Husqvarna TE310. Details as follows: Like new condition 30 hours 900 miles Marzocchi Shiver 50mm front shock Sachs rear shock Excell wheels Brembo brakes Magura hydraulic clutch Athena fuel injection system New grips Cycra hand guards Aluminum radiator guards Power up installed by dealer Used on trails/dirt roads, not MX Oil changed every 6hrs Valves checked at 500 miles Supposed to have an upgraded fuel pump as well (he said stock is prone to failure) $3600 obo So, at 30 hours should I be afraid? Husky manual list the 32hr point as a bigger service. I don't want to get it and be rebuilding it in a month. I don't mind maintenance or valve checks, I've rebuilt engines in the past. So I can do it, I just don't want to right after purchase. In no rush to buy, so if it's not right I'll keep an eye for the CRF/WRR. Understanding they're less power, but they're reliable. Flip side, I know how hard I ride the FZ-09... which is as hard as I can. 115hp, 420lbs. It's a blast. Need someone with dirt experience to point me in the right direction.