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    Camshaft lobes

    Hi, Just signed up to TT to ask about my 2005 CRF250. Purchased it about a month ago and had my first ride last weekend only to discover its very hard to start due to compression being so high. The guy that sold it to me explained that there is a certain technique to kicking it over which I could not get to grips with, he could do it every time. I have since been researching the auto decompression mechanism and decided to take off the cam cover and have a look. I was surprised to see no decompression assembly at all even though the camshaft had the hole and bolt in place with no parts. Proceeded to get crank to TDC and remove cam and could not remember if I had lobes facing forward or backwards when I removed it. Is there any way of finding out which stroke it was on when I removed it? Any input on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Gary