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  1. California

    Both would be nice just a beginner really is there any good places to ride am hoping to go ride in the next few weeks if I have the time
  2. OffRoad

    When I set on it I reach the ground on my tipetoes
  3. OffRoad

    Am 5.5and 130 wish I weighed more
  4. OffRoad

    How tall and weight should I be to ride a 01cr250r
  5. How much should a person weight and how tall should be to ride a 01 cr250r
  6. California

    I know right thanks for everbobys reply
  7. I hope so let me know thanks
  8. California

    Need some people to ride with or were I can ride thank
  9. I know this I old but am new to Bakersfield and need to now were I can ride thanks
  10. Am new to town and don't know were to ride and I don't have anybody to ride with it sucks riding by my self