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  1. Carrico1

    2003 Cr 125 Showa Front Forks

    Any help?
  2. I have a 2003 CR 125 and I am looking at changing the stock front forks to Showa forks. I have been doing some reading and I cant really pin point my answer so I know someone on here will be able to tell me for sure. I am wanting to know what years and models of honda showa front forks are a direct mount where nothing will have to be modified or changed to my 2003 CR 125. Also I have ready were the Stock forks are 46MM on the bike now and Showa are at 47MM is this correct? I have seen a couple CR250 and CRF250 Showa Front Forks on ebay and just want a for sure answer before I pull the trigger. If anyone wants to chime in on suggestions as well, please do! Thank you all!