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  1. Find a clean and well maintained bike. Also, if you are worried about feeling small on it later down the road I would suggest getting a CR85rb. This means the wheels are bigger than the standard model. I’m not sure if other companies did this or not but Honda for sure did. I posted a pic of my old cr85 from a couple years ago.
  2. I used to have a blast on my cr85 when I was 13. And I rode my cr85 all the way up to age 17. Sometimes smaller bikes are more fun because you can really control the bike better and whip it around more. Granted the top speed was lacking for me. I now own a 2018 yz125 and wish it was shorter so I could rip like I did on my cr85. (I’m a short dude. 5’6)
  3. She was definitely lean. I threw the 17.5 pilot jet in. I no longer get a slight bog off of throttle. seems to be running cooler but I'll test it tomarrow mid day and check the plug again. (The plug in the pic has around 2 hrs of road speeds on it)
  4. At what elevation?
  5. Thanks for your help! Had no clue the plug age had any role in determining.
  6. It's just the muffler, and the plug is about 6-8 months old, I'm going to re-adjust the fuel screw and put a new plug in her and ride her.
  7. No, I looked up the recommended amount of turns out for the screw when I put the carb in, but from the looks of the plug it's lean. But thanks for your info! I will do this when I get home.
  8. Do i turn the screw in or out to make it richer?
  9. I will try that today. I'm at sea level with an open air box( Gordon's mod is what it's called I think) with a UNI filter as well, and a XR's only Exhuast. Ever since I put the carb on, it has had slight popping on the deceleration. It sounds cool, but I'm sure it's doing that because it's lean. Also thanks for your input
  10. I'm going to bump the jet up from a 15, to a 17. I'm thinking it looks lean.
  11. I can't really tell, is this looking lean or rich?
  12. @Tribalsimba what brand levers are those? i have moose racing hand guards and the stock levers are a bit to long
  13. Yes, bring the 650R and 400R back! They only make a 250L and a UGLY 650L. I think my fathers 2002 xr650 looks way better than what they are making today... here's my dads 2002 xr650r and my 2000 xr400r that I converted to supermoto.
  14. Do you mind if i ask where you got the vinal? @one-legged XR rider