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  1. 162/62 is stock for 96/97 xr 400,mine is from 97 but what i can get is 98 jet set #142 and #52 and the needle jet from 98 too. so you think it will works? really thx for help me. air box, airfilter and exhaust stock from factory. my elevation is normal >P i think 300meters over sea
  2. thx for the answer, ok my bike is from 97 this got different needle than 98+ and his jet are JET, MAIN (#162) JET, SLOW (#62) and 98+ are JET, MAIN (#142) JET, SLOW (#52) i can get needle from 98+ and the jet #142 and #52, if i put those in a carb from 97 it will work?
  3. hi guys, any does know if i can put xr 600 main jet and needle jet on a xr 400? do you think it will work fine? the problem is that i live in argentina and i can-t find xr 400 carburetor kit but xr 600 yes. any does know how long xr 400/600 needle jet is? thx my baby