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  1. There is a way to get south Dakota plate and title I'm in the middle of doing this now. Being street legal from the factory has a lot to do with emissions on a wr. In my case it has little to do with it . Il doesn't do inspections for anything like that. I went round and round with the sec of state. They say if it was manufactured off road frame it will never be licensed in il. They r basing this on the frame which is total bs.and actually a few years ago u could get an inspection and get them legal.the inspection had nothing to do with emissions. And there are tons of these bikes with mc titles that are grandfathered in. And as soon as u change the pipes on any bike the emissions are not to spec of what is required.
  2. Thanks for the info
  3. Thanks man worth a try
  4. OK how do I get SD plates with out having an adresse in SD. Sorry I could see like 40 people had viewed this and not replied.I am just a pist off I can't find a way to do this.
  5. Ya my nephew lives in indiana 3 hrs away . I could go that route and do it there. It just pisses me off that there is no solid legal way that I can find to do it.
  6. The one u bought plated was grand fathered in I think. I live not far from springfield . I called halls they said get it in spected and fill out forms to get a mc title. I talked to the DMV. They gave me a number to the sos office that deals with conversions and custom bikes. They go souly off the vin. It sounds like doing it legit by converting a or title to mc title is not possible. But I did go to a small town dmv yesterday. They almost plated it but noticed it was or only when they seen the title transfer was only 30$. I guess I could get the title in my name and cross my fingers and try again. But I really would like to go the legit rout if there is one . Thanks for the replies.
  7. I thought that I could get an inspection also. I've tried to call the state and sos police and can get no information on an inspection. The office I talked to said they do that for bikes that are built. But if they were manufactured offroad. It was manufactured as an offroad frame and may never be licensed. This sounds like total bs to me. There has to be a way. I'm just trying to find some one that has done it recently. From what I have read. You used to be able to do the inspection. But all the cases I have read about were from 2012 and earlier. Has something with the law changed?
  8. So I have a 2012 WR 450 that meets all requirements for street legal. My DMV told me it can't be licensed because of or title. They gave me a number to the sec of state. The guy there told me that if the Vin comes back off road vehicle. It will never be licensed in il. Has anyone ever had this problem.
  9. OK ty
  10. Is there a better to post this. I'm not really getting any replies here. Or am I just screwed.
  11. Thanks for your input guys
  12. Nope didn't work. Soon as they seen it was 30$ to transfer the title they seen it was or only. They gave me the number to the office I already talked to. Please has any been through this. I don't even know where to start. How do I find out about the laws. That are stopping me from doing this
  13. Well I'm heading to the DMV wish me luck
  14. He ran the Vin and said no way and was very not informative.
  15. Title does say it's off road only. I've read that KTM productions are lower. So somehow they have mc titles straight from the factory. I'm going to dmv tomorrow. Hoping it will work. I've already called though and they gave me a number for custome vehicles at the sos. They used to do conversions with an inspection. But now go off the Vin is what they told me. Has anyone ever heard of this