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  1. Well done Bro!! That is not easy at all!! Keep going!! My respect Sr.
  2. It is so hard to hear that, I read the whole thread, it was always very instructive, but I guess sometimes we got to take hard decisions, I had to let my xr 400 go with several racing parts. It broke my heart but I did it! Then I got a YZ 250 01. In my opinion is a xr (reliable) but 2t. Very good bike. I will wait for a new 2t thread! Cheers My Friend Janssen from Costa Rica
  3. I will try myself some mud tomorrow, down here in Costa Rica they call enduro mud paradise since we have 9 months of rain every single year, that is what we have an ocean of orange bikes and europeans bikes and some few XR4 riders. But I guess getting in good shape is the way to go for us who loves XRs hehehe. you all pray for me for strength !!!
  4. Going to church it is very important and necessary as well , by the way I love your bike too YHGEORGE it is a monster! Firestone good luck with your project of your transportation. it is good have family support in racing and also in every single thing we do in life. Jan
  5. Nice exhaust Gato. . Hey Firestone are you gonna be racing tomorrow? I know off road will be racing the XR 250. Anyway I will be praying for ya ll tomorrow in church to have a good and safe race tomorrow! Have fun Guys Blessings!!! Jan
  6. Very good off'road adventure after 25 years with no racing you did good!!, please let us know how was the race on your XR 250. I used to live in Gastonia and Charlotte NC he he he. I would love to watch some video of your race!
  7. Looking good Gato evolution, nice ride!
  8. Hello Firestone your bike looks very sharp with new decals and the front fender