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    Rear Wheel question

    Ok so I own a 2000 Cr250r that I bought a couple months ago. it has a 19inch rear wheel and all of the riding I enjoy doing is woods riding, I own a 1998 xr250r that is just a parts bike the motor is gone and some of the parts are missing. But it has a 18inch rear wheel I want to know if its possible to just switch that wheel out to my cr250 so i have better tire options and less chance of pinch flats. I have only been riding motorcycles for about a year and am hooked so i am not a super mechanic but am sure that i can switch rotors and sprockets around if they will fit onto the hub of the Xr and if the axle is the same size. I have looked for sometime to see if anyone has this answer and have been unable to find thanks in advance for the help.