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  1. ELF669

    anyopne else have a this problem?

    Very small metal shavings or fillings could be settling in the threads of the drain hole as you let the oil out. As you reinsert the plug the filings will prevent the plug from threading in smoothly. I use several Q Tips to clean the threads out prior to inserting the plug. Had the same issue, cleaning it out seamed to help.
  2. ELF669

    Project Bike

    80cc tend to not change much over the years making it easy to find parts. you could then sell it to some kid and get him/her into the sport. ebay for parts just watch the shipping costs.
  3. ELF669

    Stewart and Reed

    I could be wrong but did it appear that coming into the turn CR stayed to the outside and gave up the inside to JS. JS from the inside went to the outside to block CR, CR saw it coming hung back a little and then pinned it across to the outside to block JS. Sorta tit for tat I think, either way when JS gets a crappy start look out...dirty moves on eveyone!
  4. ELF669

    Arenacross Battle

    Thats a pick up pass, the kawi rider lined him up and took both of them out. if he picks up his bike first he made the pass. that was no block pass the kawi rider would have had to take his line away by being in front of him. that was a cheap take out. i like how the chick got in his face...he should have shoved her on her ass too!
  5. We have one at the track I ride at, but everyone hated it so they are tearing it out. It was contructed of steel.
  6. ELF669

    Berik OVS or Fox Forma Pros???

    I have the pro formas, no complaints.
  7. Would have been nice to see Tedesco in there...hope he heals fast!
  8. ELF669


    That fuel had nothing to do with how well RC rides...Chads is great, don't get me wrong but if we are going to talk about the riders abilities lets compare apples to apples...the shock and the fuel have nothing to do with rider's performance. Yamaha has not failed Chad, Suzuki has failed RC just keep that in mind when you want to praise Chad or bash RC...take a shot at Suzuki I'm fine with that. RC is the GOAT and always will be!
  9. ELF669

    Buying graphics kits?

    would it hurt anything to apply graffix over the stock tank decal. I have a new rm250 and i put UFO rad shrouds on so the new grafifix are fine to go on there but on the tank i would like to keep the stock ones on and later on (when selling) I can peel them off revealing the stock ones then i can put back on the stock shrouds and whala...back to original. or should i take off the stock decal on the tank?
  10. ELF669


    RC's shock broke and DNF'd one race...thats the only reason we have a points race right now, just keep that in mind when your taking about how great your boy is!
  11. Also heard they use very little grease to keep the production line clean, just enough to get them assembled and not mess the bikes up with blobs of grease ouzing out that would require cleaning. I'd tear it down, peace of mind is worth the time
  12. ELF669

    any one have any 2 stroke video??

    Nothing sounds better then a 2 stroke held wide open with no letting off. Oh and I can just smell the exhaust too....Nice vid!
  13. ELF669

    Where does Reed stand?

    Okay so you won't comment on CR, I will, every year RC and JS have pushed this sport to a new level..pushed it...CR lacks that ability, now Im not knocking him, he is simply an amazing athlete, period. Now as far as Yamaha, open your eyes...RC has not and never will win on a Yamaha and I think they call him the GOAT!!! Ask, why did he leave Honda, I mean he left Honda for Suzuki, trust me money was a big factor but when your RC you believe the bike is solid or there is no deal. Check out the 05 season results he owned 05. You don't think Yamaha had an offer on the table with RC (declined) RC can win on anything, why couldn't MC? Oh right, they were not paying him enough! And if now they have ponied up the cash and got a good rider was it ever a problem with the bikes? You confuse me! Lets look to the future (i know you love the past),Yamaha should follow Suzuki's example and pony up the cash or get some young exciting up and comers and do it now, cause the kids that will be buying bikes in 5 to ten years aint seeing blue! Oh and Yamaha stop changing colors (yellow, red and white, think there was white and purple, and now the blue which looks like crap after a week of riding). Stick to something other then CR! Hey this Yamaha and CR bashing is all in good fun, Yamaha and CR are both great I'm just playin! (just so you know where I stand)
  14. ELF669

    Chinese DRZ-400 clone..

    read somewhere you can bore a chinese bike out with a scotchbrite pad. Keep buying their products, you will be supporting another economic superpower come to life, next thing you know Nike will start making shoes right here in north america and shipping them off to China.