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  1. So after some trial and error I have found success. I replaced the stock fuel screw with the extended one, which got the bike running, although not terribly well. It idled fast and a bit rough, but it ran. Then I found that the bike only ran when the petcock was in the prime position, strange, so I did some research and realized my vacuum line wasnt connected. Connected the vacuum line and adjusted the fuel screw a bit more and now she runs beautifully, with a nice smooth idle! Thanks for your help! Everything seems to be working properly now.
  2. Thank you very much. I will give these a try. Bike runs fine with full choke so I am imagining that it is too lean.
  3. Got it thank you. Yes vacuum line is connected, and the stack on the fuel needle looks right. I am going to wait to receive the extended fuel screw and give that a shot to see if it makes adjusting the fuel input any easier. How would I test for leaks in the air system? I checked and my cut is 2.75x3.25 so the intake should be about right.
  4. Yes 3x3 is done. I am decently sure it was fully seated, the resistance to the screw turning went up significantly and I didnt want to strip it.
  5. I installed everything per the instructions, with a 160mj, 25pj, blue needle 4th clip, and I have started with the fuel screw 2.5 turns out (stock fuel screw, realizing now I should have gotten the thumb tightening extended screw, which I am going to order). Right now the bike runs with full choke on, sputters at half choke, and doesnt run at all with no choke. My logic is that the mixture is too lean so I need more fuel, is this something that can be fixed by adjusting the fuel screw or do I need a different jet?
  6. Hello Everyone, First post on thumpertalk but I have been lurking the forums for awhile. I am new to the supermoto world and definitely new to carbed bikes. Came from the supersport world so any help is appreciated. My setup: 2015 DRZ400SM -Full Yoshimura RS-2 Carbon (recently installed) -Stock Mikuni Carb -K&N Air Filter -3x3 Mod (to be completed soon) -JD Jet Kit (also to be completed soon) I live in CT so the bike is inside for a couple months due to weather. I can run it but cant ride it much unless we get a clear day, so I would like to get the jetting as close to perfect as I can on the first go around. Riding anywhere from sea level to a couple thousand feet above sea level max (0-2000ft) Wondering what you all recommend for my jet setting. I have the stock fuel screw as well as everything the JD kit comes with. Thanks for the help!