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  1. Thats the odd thing. Everything behind the main backbone is in line. The seat, tank and steering are sitting off to the side. The bike steers straight down the road with no hands. The neck is approx 1/2" off center Sent from my LG-H831 using ThumperTalk mobile app
  2. Has anyone seen this happen before? I have removed everything I could at one point to go over entire bike and noticed the frame is not exactly straight. There are no signs of cracked paint or damage. The frame is definitely bent, but rides straight. it is approx. 1/2" out from centerline
  3. Here are a couple more pics with plastics and tank removed. Yes that is a pink bell on handle bars. Someone from work was being funny. a Sent from my LG-H831 using ThumperTalk mobile app
  4. Just purchased a few days ago (used). Have only riden twice and noticed what I didn't notice when I tested it. It feels funny when riding and then I did a walk around and it looks crooked. No signs of anything bent. Is there anyway to straighten this?
  5. No points on the tt250. Bike ran awesome once I figured out it was a loose fuel line sucking air. However, I dont own bike anymore. Sold it and bought a TW200 Sent from my LG-H831 using ThumperTalk mobile app
  6. Been awhile. After all the work that was put into this build, the bike was sold. Insurance would not allow me to plate the bike due to the bike being classified as an off road vehicle only. On the bright side, I just picked up a 2012 TW200. [emoji15] Sent from my LG-H831 using ThumperTalk mobile app
  7. Fixed
  8. Been gone for 2 weeks. Come back to find not one reply. This bike is now a door stop in my garage as it will not run long enough to even ride anymore. It will idle half ass and if I try to take it for a ride, it stalls and takes more kicks than it should to get it going again. Carb has been rebuilt and tore apart a dozen times. Turning air/fuel mix screw is pointless as it does nothing.
  9. 2 more days of adjusting air/fuel screw, accelerator pump settings and cleaned carb 2 more times and I am no further ahead than when I started. I have sprayed carb cleaner everywhere around carb and airbox and found no leaks. I have taken cap off tank and no change. Besides a new carb, am I missing anything? Anybody ...... I am open for any ideas
  10. Here is video of what has me pulling out my hair. I thought for a brief moment it could be the AP, but I played with several different positions and made no difference ....
  11. Still confused. Received carb kit and installed. Cleaned every hole in the carb with cleaner and blew everything out with air. Double checked float height to spec in manual. Drained all fuel from tank and verified fast flow from petcock. New fuel lines and fuel filter. Set air/fuel mix screw to 2 turns out. Put new plug in with gap set to spec and new air filter. Kicked it over and idles fine. Give it a quick shot on throttle and dies. Take it for a run and bogs out at high revs. WTF! I have read and re-read lots of info online regarding this issue and believe I have done everything needed for this thing to run perfect. Other than maybe an electrical issue, I cannot figure it out. Anyone else have any ideas? UPDATE: I pulled plug and it was black and wet. Appears to be running rich with new carb kit and everything set to spec. So I moved e clip up 1 notch to attempt to lean it out. Now it idles great and thats it. Any throttle kills motor.
  12. Well I tore apart the carb again. Turns out the o ring for the air/fuel mix screw had broke apart. Now the waiting game for a new carb kit
  13. Tried adjusting the carb. Seems like no matter how many turns I make on the air/fuel screw, it doesn't change anything. When idling, it idles great until I give it a quick shot, then it wants to stall out. Easing into it is fine. If I take off, once I get to some high RPMs, it starts sputtering and loses power. Read a bunch of related posts, but all have different results. My question is, before I tear into it, is it the needle or jets in the carb (needle was changed and jets cleaned prior to issue), the floats (which I adjusted per spec) or the air box (just installed a new air filter)? Thanks
  14. Finally went for a ride. Noticed it was sputtering when I throttled it. I think it just needs a bit of an adjustment.
  15. Old posting but did you fix issue? What was the cause? I am having same issue and believe its the reg/rec as I only get 6.3volts hooked up and almost 13volts when bypassed. Battery dies after 10 min riding due to tail light running mainly off battery.