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    Engine pulsing squeak

    I have a single cylinder w16 , or it’s a w12 , can’t really tell . Log book says w12. Anyway after getting going the engine runs fine , lots of power but there is s squeak from it at induction pulse frequency . Every time the engine fires or rotates it squeaks and it is quite loud. It seems to be coming from thecarb area. I thought it may be the air tube between carb and cylinder as I can see it pulsing. Is it supposed to pulse or does that indicate it may have a tiny hole in it? Any help appreciated. I have another stick motor and may swop out the air guide connectors to see any difference
  2. robbie.kemp.16

    Husky 610 rotor magneto part

    Hi guys. I'm looking for info on a husky 610 magneto original kokusan denki part number and also maybe dimensional information. I actually have a cagiva w16 which has an FP8310 part number rotor in it but the magnet let go and trashed the stator. I've been informed that a husky 610 may fit but I cannot find any info to back this up. Anyone removed an original one and what was the kokusan part number on it. Anyone seen an FP8313 fitted to a 610?? Thanks