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  2. Do you need to use the choke on starting?
  3. Not to be unthankful but do you have info I can use? I know it comes with two auto and manual, but an awful lot of XR's have ditched at least one and some all decompressor thingies. I'd just like to know about the play to set.
  4. OK, so far I have installed the new intake and oring. Checked the valves, left exhaust was waaaay loose, other ones just slighly off. Now for setting the play on the auto decomp. I need to have 1-2 mm play in the butterfly, but what is the position of the butterfly to check this on. It is the OEM part so it can also service the manual decomp. Should it be 100% in the middle or somewhat off. And it should be set at this play at TDC right?
  5. Yikes! The feared cracked head. Mine starts up easy when warm, did yours too? Hope mine will be easier to start and running more silent after I installed the new intake manifold and do the valves again. When I adjusted the valves a few weeks ago I didn't unhook the automatic decompression. Now I'm going to work on it like the book...
  6. The air mixture screw is complete again, old eyes and small bits on a concrete floor..... Hopefully the manifold will come in tomorrow, was in backorder. The O-ring you refer to is the one in the manifold itself you mean? I assumed you meant the band insulator being flat. The O-ring is not in that bad a shape, still, the PO used some liquid sealant, probably for a reason. I hope the new manifold holds a new )-ring...
  7. Darn, I thought I saw something fall off my bench! Look for it or get a new washer tomorrow. That tip was clean when I put it back in last time. I'm guessing the air leak and the popping in the carb fouled it. O-ring is nice and flat still. I'll be reusing that again. After taking the manifold off I tried it on the carb and it should seat a whole lot better than it did on the bike. I'll put the carb on the manifold first and than reinstall it. I'll be back.
  8. Well, no tinkering with the auto decomp but a new check of the airmixture screw, looks good. Since I pulled the carb, took a look behind the o-ring on the intake manifold Ordered a new one, hopefully it's here by Saturday, my birthday=tinkerday!
  9. No, just random, let me check that again day after tomorrow. I'll be back!
  10. Thanks for your reply. I'm a bit puzzled how and where the free play should be. Bike only has the kickstart decompressor fitted. If I move the kickstart down it has a free play of about 2 inches before the triangle that makes the decompression cable move goes to work. At the head I notice that when the cable starts moving it immediately moves the bracket that is connected to the cam. Any thoughts on this?
  11. Thanks for your reply Trailryder. The bike has been running for almost an hour when I filmed it, took it for a little testdrive in the neighbourhood. Choke is off after about 1 minute after starting. I am quite sure I checked the valves at TDC. The valves had some play when I checked. I read that when the inspection marks show and there's play I should be at TDC on the compression stroke. But I will check again just to be sure. The clearance was not far off to start with. Lost in translation, yes, I meant the push start. The puffing that you hear, can that be valve induced? Any help is appreciated.
  12. OK, so I got it started, new spark, some valve adjustment and learning to find tdc and exact choke settings did do the trick. Still, it doesn't idle well. Please check this clip on youtube, any ideas?
  13. Also make sure that the o-rings in your carb have a washer between tem and the screwy parts.
  14. I have one from the same year as the one you are looking at, although nowhere near as crisp as yours. Look at the head, if overheated these can crack, normally between sparkplug hole and outlet. Ask the PO to leave it as is and have him start the bike stone cold and check for his procedure, each XR has it's own preference for starting.
  15. Carb was cleaned twice, bike ran ok last week, only elevetion change was riding it out of the garage... It's just that I can't get it running with the kickstart.