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    Low miles/hours DRZ400S ticking noise

    Well said, Erik-Thanks for the info. I ordered a TT MCCT regardless, but will check valve clearances and the auto decomp assy when the tanks off to knock out some other preventative maintenance items. If all is well, I can get used to the sewing machine noise! Lol
  2. spraynard

    Low miles/hours DRZ400S ticking noise

    That's good to hear-thanks for chiming in! Did you make any repairs to correct the condition(s) or figure out how to pin point them?
  3. spraynard

    Low miles/hours DRZ400S ticking noise

    Thanks for the advice, guys. I've already started on most of the loctite fixes and other preventative maintenance procedures listed on the FAQ's section. But as far as that noise, are there any ways to rule out the ACCT or auto-decompression feature causing the noise besides just replacing parts? Thanks again.
  4. https://youtu.be/upihkRK0Ay4 So I just bought a 2012 DR-Z400S and love it. Bike has 1700miles on it now and around 50hours. P.O. was an older gentleman who took fantastic care of the bike as far as maintenance goes. The bike has developed a ticking noise at idle/high idle. The noise is louder once the motor has warmed up, most likely due to the change of viscosity in the oil. I got my stethoscope and can't totally isolate the location of the noise, but with the stethoscope probe on one of the motor mount bolts, it's more prominent. I'm beginning to lean towards the noise being ACCT-related, although I've heard the newer models are more stout. Any further diagnostic steps you guys could recommend?