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    I also play paintball/speedball, play PC, skimboard, and surf.
  1. SammyJ

    Looking for riding buddies in Orlando Fl

    Im in titusville florida with a drz400
  2. Just moved into the Orlando Daytona area looking to hit some dirt with my DRZ-400. Hit me up if you wanna ride!
  3. Hey guys, I could use some help for yall. After a long run, a slow oil leak started at the bottom of my engine. I found the oil was dripping from the center of this bolt head pictured. Could it be the counter shaft leak but its trailing its way to here? Any comments or suggestions are appreciated! Thanks, boys.
  4. Does anyone here has experience removing the rear brake light switch on the drz-400? Need to do some trouble shooting on my brake light switches. The first step is removing the brake light switch. I have a 2002 drz-400 and the switch has a Phillips head screw on it but it seems the only way of getting to it is disassembling most of the things on the rear frame. Trying to work smarter not harder in this scenario to reduce any mistakes.
  5. thanks for pointing it out to me! now i just need to figure out how the hell im gonna get a screw driver in there and unscrew the damn thing
  6. didn't even know I had the Thumper Talk logo on it
  7. Hey boys, my rear tail light is stuck in the on position. I did some research the problem is usually the rear brake light switch on the drz-400. I have a 2002 model. I can not seem to find any wiring that is coming from the brake pedal area that I could even assume would be the brake light switch. Starting to wonder if my bike even has any. Can anyone here help me find it??
  8. SammyJ

    Pipe is smoking PLZ HELP (pics)

    I meant draining the coolant by it shooting out. Hey man, thanks for helping me out though! I just let it run longer and the smoking stopped. Everything is working perfect after my first oil and coolant change. Next up will be brake fluid, valve checking, and plastic/ metal restoration
  9. SammyJ

    Pipe is smoking PLZ HELP (pics)

    Hmm. I had tipped it side to side and the coolant leaked out the other side of the bike so I assumed it was full. I even changed the coolant again to make sure it went through the bike, which it did come shooting out. If it comes shooting out where you empty the coolant, does that mean it is fully flowed throughout the bike? Also, to clarify, you had a similar issue with the front exhaust pipe overheating and smoking? And you think this is indeed a coolant issue?
  10. I just replaced my oil, oil filter, fuel line, and coolant for the first time on this used 2002 drz-400 I got couple months ago. When I started it back up everything was fine until 20 secs of idle this pipe started smoking a bit (PICS below). I turned it off immediately and checked to make sure the coolant was level. Coolant was overflowing and dripping from where radiator pressure is released (pics). Maybe it wasn't suppose to overflow from there? I dunno what to make for this smoking. ANY HELP, ADVICE, OR RECOMMENDATIONS WILL BE APPRIECATED! I am a Noob.
  11. SammyJ

    drz-400 petcock fuel line leak HELP PLZ

    Thanks boys! Went to pep boys and got a 1/4 inch fuel line with some clamps. Should work out once I finish it up putting the gas tank back on. :]
  12. My fuel line started to leak after I did some maintenance and had to move around the gas tank to get to the coolant....its an aftermarket 4 gallon. In the picture below I am pointing to where it is leaking...the line is very rugged and hard so I was wondering if a clamp would work to stop the leak? it is dripping there when I turn on the gas and stopping when I am turning it off. must've been barely sealed when I moved it around. ANY KIND OF RECOMMENDATIONS OR ADVICE WILL BE APPRECIATED! I am a noob.