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  1. netics450


    Hey guys I was wondering is there any famous places in Washington for dirt bikes parts, riding gears, .. etc.? Thank u
  2. netics450

    2007 cr250r jetting ?

    that's in summer sometimes we ride with 115F but lets say if am ridding between 80F - 110F wat I should use with red jet needle (which is lean) ? when I opened the carb it was running on 430 main jet! so rich
  3. netics450

    2007 cr250r jetting ?

    So I got JD jetting kit it has these sizes of the main jet 380,390,400,410 they mentioned some specs of couple of them and got two Jet Needle (red and blue) as I found out that my bike was running rich and I ride in middle east with about 110F Degree its almost on the sea level so what should I do I mean for the jetting as I mentioned before I have a full exhaust system and V force reed valve with twin air filter now as I know as a start I should go with the Red jet needle cuz my bike already rich but what about the main which number should I choose ??
  4. netics450

    2007 cr250r jetting ?

    Thanks guys ill see wat can i do
  5. I have 2007 cr250r with fmf complete exhaust + twinair air filter + vforce reed valve i want to know what is the best jet setup for that? And if it possible which is the exact best product i mean brand ? Also i have a problem in the carburetor when am riding and fuel valve on as soon as i stop the fuel hose (exhaust) will start leaking fuel thank u
  6. netics450

    Crf450r crash cage

    thank u guys for ur replies
  7. netics450

    2009 crf450r rear hub

    Hi guys I want to know what is the width of 2009 crf450r rear wheel hub ? thank u
  8. netics450

    New to me!!

  9. netics450

    New to me!!

    I did a revalving for my crf450 last week it cost me around 1000$ pretty good deal I guess cuz I really don't know a thing about the bikes
  10. netics450

    Crf450r crash cage

    Hi i have 2009 crf450r I want to put a crash cage on it but I didn't find any thing about on the websites, i need ur help to get a crash cage formy bike thank u
  11. netics450

    07 CR250R Drain bolt

    Thank u Corey for ur help i'll see wats going to happen and i'll let u know
  12. netics450

    07 CR250R Drain bolt

    Is there a way to re tap the hole without taking out the crank case?
  13. netics450

    07 CR250R Drain bolt

    Thank u yes i put the washer on the bolt How i can re tap the hole using copper slip? I mean what is the procedure exactly how should i do it? Thanks
  14. netics450

    07 CR250R Drain bolt

    I have 2007 cr250r last week I was going to change the oil , after draining the oil out and about to install the bolt back in the drain hole the bolt got stuck. first the bolt goes in the hole with no problems but when it reaches the end like remaining 1.5mm to be fully closet it got stuck. what are the chances of have damaged thread hole? can be the bolt thread damaged only? what are my options here? THANK YOU
  15. netics450


    Thank u all for your replies as soon as I get back home I am going to check exactly how many blinks are they ... can someone please give me the list of blinks with the codes ? thank u