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    Blaster question

    Sbest... the cylinder and piston were scraped up pretty good. Rings were gone. We tuned the bike up for them like a week prior. Carb was clogged, no air filter... she had her son ride it, but told him to stay in first gear.
  2. ltpaul04

    Blaster question

    and you work for? Just wondering.
  3. ltpaul04

    Blaster question

    I won't start NYMXer... she brought quad over and said it won't start... first thing I did is use my hand and tried the compression. We put our tester on there and was in shock. We gave her a quote and are going to replace the top end with a new complete kit... once we are done... we might have to do the " break in " for them..
  4. I forget what it got hung up on, but once I took cover off, it worked. Idk if maybe cover was squeezing on the throttle cam
  5. I had same problem. Took the black side cover off the carb and it worked again.
  6. ltpaul04

    400ex rebuild. Breaking in

    I put this post in riding techniques because.. I know not to " lug" the motor and make sure I variate my speed but keep it under half throttle on that light riding before I change oil..
  7. ltpaul04

    400ex rebuild. Breaking in

    Thanks Greenwrench. I've heard so many ways of " breaking in a rebuild" and just want to make sure I do it right..
  8. Rebuilt top end. Piston/cylinder up to the cam and carb is new and hmf full comp exhaust. I let it idle till it was warm to touch, shut it down. Idled a little longer and repeat. Then took it out 1/4 and less. Have about a half hour in it with 1/4 throttle. Taking it out today for about 4-5 more hours. When do you think it's safe to take throttle to 1/2? Thanks for your input.
  9. ltpaul04

    blast 200 idle problems

    Def sounds like the slide is stuck. I would remove carb and look in the front side of carb and make sure that slide is all the way down. Also I would make sure, it's not running too lean with a high idle.. how the choke? Make sure choke is open. Good luck !!
  10. Hey guys. I rebuild my top end. 440 kit, stage 2 hotcam , hmf comp full exhaust and new carb. I've got about a half hour of light riding ( 1/4 throttle)... how many hours would you guys suggest before stepping it to 1/2 throttle? I was told around 5 hours... thanks in advance.
  11. ltpaul04

    2000 400 EX runs good when cold?

    Following up on the 400ex.... I just did a rebuild to a 440. Sounded like to me the rings. Good luck with the quad. 400ex is one of the most reliable quads I've ever owned
  12. I could help if you lived in New Jersey lol.
  13. ltpaul04

    Blaster question

    Have a question to add here. New to working on strokers but I've done plenty with 4 stroke engines... stock blaster brought to me has 30 psi compression. Owners son rides in " first gear only" . If the cylinder is good shape, can I replace just the rings? Or.. do I order a stock cylinder kit and do top end?