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  1. Sbest... the cylinder and piston were scraped up pretty good. Rings were gone. We tuned the bike up for them like a week prior. Carb was clogged, no air filter... she had her son ride it, but told him to stay in first gear.
  2. and you work for? Just wondering.
  3. I won't start NYMXer... she brought quad over and said it won't start... first thing I did is use my hand and tried the compression. We put our tester on there and was in shock. We gave her a quote and are going to replace the top end with a new complete kit... once we are done... we might have to do the " break in " for them..
  4. I forget what it got hung up on, but once I took cover off, it worked. Idk if maybe cover was squeezing on the throttle cam
  5. I had same problem. Took the black side cover off the carb and it worked again.
  6. I put this post in riding techniques because.. I know not to " lug" the motor and make sure I variate my speed but keep it under half throttle on that light riding before I change oil..
  7. Thanks Greenwrench. I've heard so many ways of " breaking in a rebuild" and just want to make sure I do it right..
  8. Rebuilt top end. Piston/cylinder up to the cam and carb is new and hmf full comp exhaust. I let it idle till it was warm to touch, shut it down. Idled a little longer and repeat. Then took it out 1/4 and less. Have about a half hour in it with 1/4 throttle. Taking it out today for about 4-5 more hours. When do you think it's safe to take throttle to 1/2? Thanks for your input.
  9. Def sounds like the slide is stuck. I would remove carb and look in the front side of carb and make sure that slide is all the way down. Also I would make sure, it's not running too lean with a high idle.. how the choke? Make sure choke is open. Good luck !!
  10. Hey guys. I rebuild my top end. 440 kit, stage 2 hotcam , hmf comp full exhaust and new carb. I've got about a half hour of light riding ( 1/4 throttle)... how many hours would you guys suggest before stepping it to 1/2 throttle? I was told around 5 hours... thanks in advance.
  11. Following up on the 400ex.... I just did a rebuild to a 440. Sounded like to me the rings. Good luck with the quad. 400ex is one of the most reliable quads I've ever owned
  12. I could help if you lived in New Jersey lol.
  13. Have a question to add here. New to working on strokers but I've done plenty with 4 stroke engines... stock blaster brought to me has 30 psi compression. Owners son rides in " first gear only" . If the cylinder is good shape, can I replace just the rings? Or.. do I order a stock cylinder kit and do top end?