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  1. Went out riding last Sunday and dropped my bike in a pretty deep rut on a trail. Thought nothing of it until I got home and realized that my R/F axle slider was gone! So my question is, is there anywhere to pick up the stock axle sliders or would I be better served putting aftermarket sliders on. Also, which should I get if I go aftermarket. Having trouble finding some on the internet. Thanks!
  2. No. I had a 1996 Vulcan 500 that I learned to ride on. Was super unreliable though. So I'm looking forward to having a bike that I won't have to worry about and has so much support here. If any issues arise these forums are so helpful.
  3. Thank you, and yeah brand new. Around my area they are had to find in decent shape used, and when you do they are pretty over-priced anyway.
  4. Just signed the papers yesterday. Getting delivered tomorrow! I'm new here and looking forward to riding. From the south suburbs of Chicago if anyone is near.