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  1. 711coffee239

    2004 400ex head gasket leak

    I checked, and it no longer smokes and it no longer leaks oil. Is it possible that since it was sitting it just needed to get set again and burn off some of that extra stuff? Just get ran through, you know.
  2. 711coffee239

    2004 400ex head gasket leak

    Okay, thank you.
  3. 711coffee239

    2004 400ex head gasket leak

    But could it need to be re tourqed?
  4. Me and my Dad recently purchased a 2004 400 EX. It was not running when we bought it but we clean the carburetor and clean the air filter just tuned it up a little bit and I noticed that the head gasket was leaking we don't have the money to fix it right now so we were just curious if it's still rideable and what would happen if we don't fix it right now and also what would be a reasonable price range to have somebody fix it for us because we're not knowledgeable enough to go into the engine. Also about the other truck that I made about the leaking from the carburetor we fixed that so thanks for the answers.
  5. Is there an o-ring in a 2004 400 EX above the float jet? We bought it not running but we got it running, we started off and driving but everything just needed to be tuned. We clean the carburetor and now gas is pouring through the Overflow tube whenever the quad is running and the gas is on. So we think that there might be o-ring needed the pilot yet
  6. Hey, i bought a 400ex today and it was sitting for a while. But now whenever we have the gas on, gas will leak through the pilot jet, i mean pour out till its empty. Any idea how to fix this, or even what we did wring?
  7. 711coffee239

    Need help with fitting.

    You to?
  8. 711coffee239

    Need help with fitting.

    Okay man, ill have to try them both. Thank you, youve been a big help
  9. 711coffee239

    Need help with fitting.

    I have been riding a yz 85 but ive been on four wheels my whole life... started at 3 years on a kfx 50
  10. 711coffee239

    Need help with fitting.

    So, i would be able to manage something along the lines of a stock yfz pretty well?
  11. 711coffee239

    Wolverine 350 or 450

    350's are pretty weak id go with the 450. But the difference between 4x4 and 4x2 is take off and being able to kick the back end out. With 4x4 you will have a very snappy and powerful take off but wont be able to whip around turns the way you can with 4x2. Hope i helped.
  12. Hi, im pretty new to the forums so im going to introducw myself. Im brandon and i am confused what i should get. I am 5'2 and in the 140-150 pounds and pretty experienced with four wheelers and dirt bikes. My question is would i be able play around on something like a stock yfz 450 without having to constantly be up on it making sure it wouldnt flip. Would i be able to handle the power/tourqe while being able to mess around and have fun?
  13. i dont think theres many hours on it, ecpecially hard hours. http://imgur.com/Kv3Dtso
  14. i thought the fuel air mixture was all the way through the complete circut