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    1979 TS125 No Start - Compression Issue?

    That's what I assumed. I'll see if I can find another machinist to examine the cylinder....
  2. This is my first time here on TT and is my first foray into the world of motorcycles as well (Its not my first time w/mechanical things at all, just my first attempt at something w/two wheels - http://www.r3vlimited.com/board/showthread.php?t=323509) While this isn't technically a dirt bike, this seems like the proper place to ask. Anyway, I picked up this 1979 TS125 at the beginning of last November. PO had tried to revive it himself but never really got anywhere. Brought it home and did the standard stuff (carb clean, fresh fuel, new plug, etc) but felt that the compression was rather weak. After pulling the cylinder, it was scarred and needed a rebore. Upon reassembly, I still wasn't getting anywhere. With the fresh cylinder (.25 over, wiseco piston I believe), I only have around 90PSI. From my experience w/4 strokes, this doesn't seem like enough. Starting fluid seems to not have an effect either. Ideas? I have a service manual, but compression specifications are not listed for some reason. 00k0k_dSR2oOpAHcg_600x450 by Jonathan Martin, on Flickr