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  1. Okay I will most definitely try that
  2. Had a friend look at my bike today while it was warming the exhaust pipe up towards the motor get cherry red and up to almost a thousand degrees my friend says it's not supposed to do that thinks it might need new jets any thoughts?
  3. I'll have to later but it's taped on the side of my front break and if it is the hot start I'm planning on buying a lever
  4. I didnt think I have a hot lever because the lever is gone and lastnight me and a friend think that we might have found the hot start wire so today that's what we're gonna try
  5. Okay so i am new to dirtbikes and i bought a 2004 rmz250 when cold its starts on the first 4-6 kicks ill ride for awhile and shut it off for like a break and when i go to start it the engine is still warmed up and it takes like up to 25 kicks to start and im not sure what to do?