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    02 wr250f problems

    OK thanks. I went back in and checked valves again. Timed engine to YZ settings. I ordered size smaller pilot (45) changed needle to second position from top. Jet hasn't came in yet but got bike started and drove some. It ran decent but lack of power. Almost seemed to me like it was leaning out in top end. Gonna replace pilot jet when it comes in (hopefully this weekend) YZ timing 180 main Soon to be 45 pilot 60 leak Stock needle 2nd from top Opened YZ exhaust Air box lid off Grey wire mod YZ throttle stop Thanks, Ryan
  2. Jfdfireguy

    02 wr250f problems

    I will start out by saying awesome site! Tons of information on here. I've got a 02wr250f Valves was replaced not many hours ago. Since then developed a hard start. I went back in and shimmed valves according to spec. Timed engine to wr specs. Replaced spark plug and it fired right up.i drove around parking lot for 5 to 10 minutes. I was gonna pull plug and look at coloring but it died and I haven't been able to get it started since. Known mods to the bike Gray wire Stock wr timing YZ exhaust pipe Air box lid removed Carb completely cleaned last night Main jet 180 Pilot 48 Leak jet 60 Clip on needle in 4th position Adjustable air/fuel screw I got this bike used so I really don't know how it ran before. I'm assuming it was set up with YZ timing, but I changed back to stock when I adjusted valves. I've spent hours reading the various wr topics on this bike but having no luck. Any help is appreciated greatly.