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  1. TobzSM

    Wheelies with 15/38 gearing

    Yamiha97, yeah a race ready dirtbike is quite different from the more lazy drz. What its all about is how used you are to the bike. A few years ago a had a yamaha wr 125, i could even pull that turtle up in 5-6 gear at 100 km/h (with my life at stake haha) but then i got a yz 125. The yz had over two times as many hp but i could not wheelie that bike as good as my WR 125 with just 13-15 hp. Its all about what you are used to and how good you are. If you struggle with wheelies on the drz (and not on a 450 dirtbike) you should just start to practice more often on the drz and you will get better fast since you allready know the basic's
  2. TobzSM

    Wheelies with 15/38 gearing

    I have a stock sm (no 3x3 og rejetting ) with 15-39 gearing and I can power wheelie In 1 to 3 and pull it up with clutch in 5. Gear. It's all about how good you are at wheelies. You just have to practice and practice and practice! Just do wheelies as often as you can and it will be a lot easier to pull the bike up after a while!
  3. TobzSM

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    Picking up this bike tomorrow (29.01). Looking forward to the spring and summer now! Is there a big power gain in doing the 3x3 mod? Thinking about doing it after i have got the bike home