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  1. That2smoker

    YZ250 or YZ450F??

    The 450 will beat you up in off road riding so if your mostly off road get the 250 but if you want another commuter and like being sore for days at a time get the 450. I currently ride a yz125 and a yz450f both 06 and the yz is way more fun on the trails but if im cruising around on open desert the 450 is unbeatable.
  2. That2smoker

    Kx100 or yz125

    I was the same age and height when I got my YZ125 and mine has a cut in seat so it helps with height. Main point is after owning my bike for almost 3 years now I still haven't gotten bored of it. Id go with the YZ125 if you can find a clean one that's 06 or newer.
  3. That2smoker


    get a 06 or newer the aluminum frame shaves quite a bit of weight.
  4. That2smoker

    New to riding...

    Ya it has power but its calm unless you really get on it. So it will help teach you throttle control.
  5. That2smoker


    Yz theres a reason there still in production today.
  6. That2smoker

    New to riding...

    Not very hard, a brake light and a mirror (depending on state) It has e start and a headlight from the factory. Also for maintenance just read the manual, worst case scenario youtube it. Im 15 and I have done all the maintenance on my bike so far.
  7. That2smoker

    New to riding...

    Wr450f would be a better way to go for on road use. So your not always hitting the rev limiter also if you ever want to off road get a spare set of dirt tires.
  8. That2smoker


    Depends on the bike but dont get any bike older than 06 because of the change to aluminum frame and quite a bit of motor changes making them more reliable. But for heavens sake don't get a crf250r. A 06 yz125 or newer would be best because you can get bored of the 250f power quick.
  9. That2smoker


    I mean do you want a 2 stroke or 4 stroke cause most of the 2 stroke 125s vs the 250fs numbers are pretty similar except for weight.
  10. That2smoker


    Im the same height and weight as you and I have a 06 Yz125. The bike feels like the perfect size because of how light it is and the amount of power there is, perfect jump from your ttr.
  11. I want tigertanker to be my dad.
  12. That2smoker

    Wanna upgrade from 125 to 250 2 stroke

    Yep I trust Yamaha the most cause they do the 2 stroke world justice. ktms and huskys are too expensive.
  13. That2smoker

    yz250f or yz125?

    There similar but the 125 has a great powerband which makes it way better for racing, trails, or even a drag race (Not recommended)
  14. That2smoker

    Wanna upgrade from 125 to 250 2 stroke

    Thanks everyone for the replies, Ill definitely be using this information for when I buy and get the new bike.
  15. That2smoker

    What bike to get

    wr250f would be perfect for you