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  1. get a 06 or newer the aluminum frame shaves quite a bit of weight.
  2. Ya it has power but its calm unless you really get on it. So it will help teach you throttle control.
  3. Yz theres a reason there still in production today.
  4. Not very hard, a brake light and a mirror (depending on state) It has e start and a headlight from the factory. Also for maintenance just read the manual, worst case scenario youtube it. Im 15 and I have done all the maintenance on my bike so far.
  5. Wr450f would be a better way to go for on road use. So your not always hitting the rev limiter also if you ever want to off road get a spare set of dirt tires.
  6. Depends on the bike but dont get any bike older than 06 because of the change to aluminum frame and quite a bit of motor changes making them more reliable. But for heavens sake don't get a crf250r. A 06 yz125 or newer would be best because you can get bored of the 250f power quick.
  7. I mean do you want a 2 stroke or 4 stroke cause most of the 2 stroke 125s vs the 250fs numbers are pretty similar except for weight.
  8. Im the same height and weight as you and I have a 06 Yz125. The bike feels like the perfect size because of how light it is and the amount of power there is, perfect jump from your ttr.
  9. I want tigertanker to be my dad.
  10. Yep I trust Yamaha the most cause they do the 2 stroke world justice. ktms and huskys are too expensive.
  11. There similar but the 125 has a great powerband which makes it way better for racing, trails, or even a drag race (Not recommended)
  12. Thanks everyone for the replies, Ill definitely be using this information for when I buy and get the new bike.
  13. wr250f would be perfect for you
  14. Get the 125 I have 1 and my friend has the same year as me 06 yz250f and my bike kicks his bikes ass.
  15. Thanks for the reply is there anything that's majorly different than a 125 compared to the 250 other than power.