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  1. I agree, however it's been a long time since I have seen Reed take any cheep shots. And it still doesn't make it ok even if he did. No question about it they where cheap shots.
  2. And one other thing the cheap shot of the night goes to Anderson taking Reed out! What a d!CK! Reed would have made the podium and maybe the win had he not.
  3. Ya I am a Tomac fan, however not to pleased with him slowing down to take pot shots at Dungey, He stooped to his team's​ level. I think he should have just but ten seconds on him and regardless of point everyone would know who should have been crowned. As it is he lost a lot more than the championship in my book last night.
  4. Thanks for the education I appreciate it.
  5. Looking to see what if anything others have done to the stock suspension. I find that mine is either to soft or likes to hop on any rocks big or small. Has any one changed out there springs?