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    Reinstall carburetor xr600

    Thanks for the reply, Which part is the plunger? I cleaned it with a carburetor cleaner from wal-mart. Made sure not to get any one the rubber. The manual has the schematic but doesnt show where they connect after the carburetor. Anyone have an xr600r that is put together that they can take pictures of? THanks!
  2. Hello, first time on the forum. Just got my '95 xr600r and fuel was coming out of the drain pipe. I've never worked on engines before but from this site I fugured it was the float bowl. So I took it out and cleaned the carb and made sure everything was in good condition. Now I've put it back into plac ebut there are two tubes I dont know where they go and I cant find them in the Clymer manual. Any idea where there go? I know the big one goes to the fuel tank, but the other two where I point???? Thanks!