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  1. Jordanb2165

    Trans problems

    I was riding a trail yesterday and i caught neutral by accident, then i was in a hurry of course and had kind of a "hard shift" into second. I heard a clink and now the bike wont stay in gear. I put it in 1st or 2nd and as soon as i take my foot off of the shifter it pops into neutral. If i hold the shifter up with steady pressure it stays in gear(thats how i got it out the woods. Any ideas on what im dealing with? 03 kdx 200 btw
  2. Jordanb2165

    First time supercross

    Thanks donnie. Awsome amount of info. So are there any like outside areas that u can go to and come back in? I cant imagine sitting in there for that long without going out for some air
  3. Jordanb2165

    First time supercross

    Thanks everyone for the tips. Pro form. U are funny! Lol
  4. Jordanb2165

    First time supercross

    Hey everyone. Im going to be attending the supercross in ATL this weekend. Its my first time going to one and would like to know if u guys have any suggestions how i should structure my day as far as pit passes/watching practice and stuff like that. I dont want to show up and walk around like a lost puppy. Thanks!
  5. Jordanb2165

    Kdx 200

    Ive done a little research, and it seems to be a big to do, to change to an A frame. So i probably wont. But i do still want to change out the forks and triple tree, what yr kx125/kx250f will go into my neck on my frame
  6. Jordanb2165

    Kdx 200

    What mods would i have to make?
  7. Jordanb2165

    Kdx 200

    ive been looking into changing my forks out with a kx 125 fork/triple tree set but havent done it yet. Was thinking that if im gonna change the frame i should use the forks for that frame just to make it simpler.
  8. Jordanb2165

    Kdx 200

    I have an 03 kdx 200. I love the bike but im always looking for ways to improve it. I was thinking about converting to an aluminum frame. Is this possible? and if so, what frame could i get that would be the easiest conversion?
  9. Jordanb2165

    Do you ride alone?

    I ride alone most of the time but i wish i didnt have to and knew people to ride with. Its always more fun to have someone equally skilled and kinda have a race thru the trails. I guess thats just the competitiveness in me but i love that shit
  10. Jordanb2165

    01/02 KX250 Build - 1st 2 stroke

    Thanks. Yea i got a dremel and tried to do mine but not too good. Im gonna go get a grinder blade to do it today. Its the one that looks like sandpaper
  11. Jordanb2165


  12. Jordanb2165

    ATF as trans oil

    the thing ab running atf is that it gets hotter than oil does. Hence the reason why cars pump the trans fluid through a radiator
  13. Jordanb2165

    2008 450 sxf oil pump upgrade

    Im there already. Head, cams, valves, piston,and cylinder already ruined. Im building back now. Yea its been VERY expensive. Im just trying to make sure it doesnt happen again
  14. Jordanb2165

    KX250 1992 engine and exhaust Questions

    Yea i agree with kdx garage, i would stick with the nice 92 engine with 28hrs. If you hated 92's so much, why did u get one? That is a nice ass bike
  15. I have a 08 450 sxf and I recently threw a valve into my cylinder and ruined my head. From doing a little research i found that it was prob an oil pump problem that caused this to happen. ive heard that people replace the oil pumps with the 09 version and do some other things to fix this. I was hoping to get some details on how to do that from someone on here please