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  1. Brummett

    conti sport attack 2's

    I shouldn't run more than 22 on a 300+ pound bike?
  2. Brummett

    conti sport attack 2's

    30 psi. started leaking then took it to my friend who has a tire machine, we unseated bead and there was small rubber pieces and other signs of slipping. So I'm thinking when it slips it tears off rubber and those pieces make gaps
  3. Brummett

    conti sport attack 2's

    Thanks, I'm leaning toward getting the power rs2. The drawback to the conti I have now is that whenever I engine brake hard the bead slips. I assume that is due to it not having Cush hub and not having rim locks
  4. Brummett

    New chain and sprocket

    Make sure to get the fritzcoinc sprocket as stated before, the stock one is too thin and wears out countershaft prematurely
  5. I had one friend to ride sumo's with down here and he moved away recently, so now im a lonely brapper[emoji23], sumo's are very scarce here (Dothan, Al). Mostly just Harley's here. I like Harley's, I even have one, but when I brapp on my sumo I don't wanna do it with Harley's because it's hard to cruise straight roads at 75+ on a sumo lol
  6. Brummett


    Thanks bro
  7. Brummett

    conti sport attack 2's

    I currently have the conti's and like them but was just trying to find out what tires are better. If you have a good idea let me know, thanks. p
  8. Brummett


    Thanks man I'm not very familiar with this forum yet so I had no idea
  9. Brummett


    Also, how bad would it be to try to run slicks on road, I do know it's not legal. Just wondering how quick they would break down due to the heat cycles
  10. Brummett


    Anyone have a recommendation for good tires for my xr650l with super moto wheels I'm currently running conti sport attack 2's, I like them just want to hear some other opinions. Thanks
  11. Brummett

    650l supermoto

    I do already have the fritzco sprocket, thanks though
  12. Brummett

    650l supermoto

    I've been slowly but surely modding this thing. Building aluminum side panels tomorrow. Btw anyone ride sumo's in or close to southeast Alabama
  13. I changed the spark plug and there was no improvement