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  1. I have a 2001 kx125 that is leaking oil from behind the sprocket and no it’s not the seal the seal is fine it isn’t leaking at all but on the knotches where the sprocket is held on when I spin it it starts to leak oil out I just want to know if I need to split the cases and do all that bullshit or not
  2. 2 smokerZ

    What did you do to your kx/kdx today?

    Just doing some winter time maintenance and a adding a few new things Iike handguards and asv levers hammerhead brake lever a new hammerhead green shifter
  3. Ok so for anyone out there who has a two stroke should know the carb needs to be perfect cause it’s almost always the problem that and spark plug but unlike the spark plug the carb isn’t as easy as just taking out and checking for spark and correct gap my bike when it hits (5 degrees Fahrenheit) it will start up fine idle fine smoke more than usual but that’s just cold weather but when I rev it up and hold it for a second after it’s been properly warmed up it bogs down and shuts off now if you have the same problem don’t go taking apart your carb if you don’t know how to put it back together don’t go grab your parents credit card and order carb parts or a new carb just fill up the fuel to the cap make sure your oil level is perfect make sure coolant is toped off and put the god damn thing away for the winter no 2-stroke likes to be running in 5 degree or less temp I mean would u know if you can’t run a mile in 7 minutes in this temperature then Esther could your bike you know the feeling of when that dick head gym teacher makes you run the mile and it’s 8 am and freezing out while your running ur throat hurts when ur breathing same with your bike when u rev it up idleing will be fine just like walking in freezing temperatures you can still breathe fine
  4. 2 smokerZ

    What did you do to your kx/kdx today?

    Today I bought EMIG grips RENTHAL bars DUNLOP MX32 tires and a whole new top end