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  1. It actually came out really easily
  2. made a new edit that is pure cinematic thoughts?
  3. this is why I like tigertanker
  4. For all of you who like baby wheelies heres something
  5. Lol that "BB" gun was a .22
  6. YOOOOOOOO BOYS ITS BEEN A WHILE. I came out with a little 2 minute edit tell me what y'all think
  7. Yo guys I got new video out mind checking it out and telling me if you guys like it
  8. Thanks but how could I improve the editing in it? I don't really have anyway to get different camera angles because the only camera I have is the go pro strapped to my face.
  9. I'd totally add drone video but drones aren't free so.... btw I haven't even been riding for a year so finding the most technical trail and shreading up the track going 100mph doing 3000ft jumps really isn't where I'm at yet
  10. Little problem, I live in a &%$#@!ing desert. We ain't got trees n shit. We got &%$#@!ing dirt and cactus so if your doing a hill climb and &%$#@! up, you dead ass hell.
  11. GootyMoto

    Yz125 Top speed

    True, but you also did not help stop the "trolling". You keep replying to him and he obviously didn't care. So you didn't do anything to make the situation better. And yes, I have noticed nobody on this website has a sense of humor what so ever. People honestly need to lighten up a little bit, its good for your health. I understand loving the sport, but you gotta be accepting of retards sometimes, too.
  12. GootyMoto

    Yz125 Top speed

    Seems there are many people here against the idea of freedom of speech. If you guys have a problem with what he is saying, then just &%$#@! off. It isn't your problem. Everyone is so worried about people making other people look bad. People either love those on dirt bikes, or that hate them. So if your pissed off about someone on thumpertalk, simply &%$#@! off. What that2smoker posts on thumpertalk does not personally or directly affect you or anything you do.
  13. Shhhhhh there may be cops
  14. GootyMoto

    Cr 125 or YZ250f

    Mainly trail riding but sometimes I go to the track. I don't do anything hard core though. This vid shows most of the riding I do although I do want to get better at the track.
  15. GootyMoto

    Site readability

    I'm a fan of the new look of the site