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    Yamaha ttr 90 kick start jammed

    Im sure by now you have fixed the problem. But if you have"nt then it could be the oil pump screws have backed out and jammed into the gear. This will put an end to any movement other than in neutral. i just fixed my sons that had the same exact problem. Open up your clutch cover (right side), and the small gear that is just behind the clutch might be the culprit. the screws will back out and rub against the gear until they wear enough to fall out. Then its game over, this also resulted in a spot where the oil pump will bind the slightest bit. Dont think its ok to use that oil pump gear again, because its more than likely going to happen again. I found one on Ebay for $6 and it works great. for a total of $15 i was up and running again
  2. dogfish673

    Help! Need a carb ttr90

    I don't have a carb at all. Bought the bike as a parts bike and opened it up to find out only thing wrong was a broken dip stick that jammed and stopped the thing from moving. Pulled it out and swapped carbs from my other ttr and it fired right up. Couldn't see it going to crap so I'm gonna bring it back to life runs strong! But my son wants his carb back!lol
  3. dogfish673

    Help! Need a carb ttr90

    not a clue about carbs, sad but true. Could i go with a 22mm although the stock is a 19mm. Im sure i would have to figure out what the jetting would be. Is this a wise idea considering my son is a newer rider and will eventually outgrow the power of the stock set up.
  4. dogfish673

    Help! Need a carb ttr90

    Thanks for the reply. Just trying to cross ref what other bikes have this carb
  5. dogfish673

    Help! Need a carb ttr90

    Ive been looking for a couple of weeks for a stock mikuni carb for my sons TTR90. I havent been able to find one at a fair or even reasonable price. What other bikes should i be looking at ( in my searches) for the same carb? Im almost ready to try one of the cheaper ebay carbs. The $250 for the stock carb makes me want to vommit considering the bike is worth about 600! Any help is much appreciated.
  6. dogfish673

    Free TTR 125 - the hard way

    Nice job! Now ride the hell out of it