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  1. so turns out due to a small oversight initial problem was a air leakage which I have since corrected and performance has improved a considerable amount but I plan to retest with original reed valves just to confirm which system performs better overall though
  2. to that there is a cheap and easy solution buy a feeler gauge set and select two different sizes we actually did this on a small Chinese 50 and it worked albeit we had both sides identical but it worked just fine question is thinner for bottom thicker for top end or is it the other way around
  3. ok so pipe is fitted and here's the results on the stand the throttle response is brilliant idle to flat out in a couple of seconds and no flat spots or sputter. once on the wheels with my weight 65kg it seems like it only really improved on top end power will test it with my son on and make a few adjustments to the carb and see will update after the weekend.
  4. hi ok update the port lines up pretty much perfectly over the reed valves inlet could maybe remove like a mm max off on the corners and it would be 100%
  5. recess is for the securing plate and screws of the reed valves as per above picture
  6. final cut and Polish before adding a dash of paint and fittment
  7. so this is the new custom air intake increasing intake size from 14mm to 20mm and 100% smoother than the original also the new routing allows for a cone filter to be fitted without obstruction
  8. What you say is true and well honestly if I could just improve on the low end grunt the pull out of corners I am sure he would be overjoyed I started fabricating a new larger custom intake today will fit that soon as it's complete and see if there is any improvement will post pics once complete
  9. Thanks I actually recently downloaded quite a few apps off google play for two stroke modding everything from porting to custom exhausts etc I intend to give it a bash soon as I clear some space in the garage thanks for the feedback. I honestly do agree with everyone on the purchase a different bike but he has only had the pw for a month after upgrading from an old lt50 suzuki quad and we have spent a few bucks on new tyres new grips proper pegs etc but it is low on power to him compared to his lt which we derestricted I had eyes on a ktm 50sx mini but would like him to first spend some time on the pw rather learn to drive a slow bike fast than drive a fast bike slow just long enough for the basics and in a year or so it will be his sisters turn
  10. Thanks we actually already have a secondary Chinese bike power is great but maintenance heavy is a understatement would a custom exhaust and larger intake not do the trick ? both these can be done at home with my available tooling
  11. preferably would like to keep with 2 strokes we will be looking for a 65 shortly but until he can reach he only has a pw and well he is currently bored with the power hence my question for small home upgrades
  12. I have searched and couldn't find any results so I am looking for ways to pull a little extra out the yamaha pw50 for my son. I know I can buy big bore kits and performance carbs but I am looking for small home improvements that can be done. I have already removed the restriction washer in the exhaust and removed the oil pump now running premix at 35 to 1. The bike is a 1987 model.