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  1. Xr600BjornZA

    Xr600r 97' Help please

    Thanks Bork. Just overlooking my local part of town. like 4 mins from my house
  2. Xr600BjornZA

    Xr600r 97' Help please

    Update: I Have pulled the carb and found that the Float level was improperly adjusted, i also found a tiny hole in the diaphragm which i think was the cause for the odd idle. The plug was very black so i replaced that and replaced the diaphragm. Staring now 1st or 2nd kick. Thank you very much for the advice and for getting me back in the saddle. Have a good one
  3. Xr600BjornZA

    Xr600r 97' Help please

    Thanks for the read. Very informative. added to my bookmarks
  4. Xr600BjornZA

    Xr600r 97' Help please

    Thanks for the speedy responses guys. Before i bought the bike, the clutch plate was already removed. I did check the jets as this was my first guess. both jets spic and span. The bike how ever is very smokey which points to (atleast for me) that its too rich. Would it be advisable to adjust the float level? I read somewhere that after the big bore it takes enough fuel in but you end up not getting enough air forcing it to be a difficult start is this true?
  5. Xr600BjornZA

    Xr600r 97' Help please

    Hi everyone. I Have recently become the proud owner of a xr600r 1997 model. i recently had to go up from the 94mm piston to a wiseco 98mm piston due to a piston ring that popped out and did some damage to the barrel. At the same time i have replaced valves, timing chain etc and made sure that everything is up to spec. Since the rebuild i have not been able to kick start it at all, but runs after a push start, but idle is inconsistent. To me it feels like it is very rich, as there is alot of smoke out the exhaust. I would love any help on how to tune the carb, so she will kick start again, Push starting is a bit of a ball ache. What would be the correct jetting size considering i am at sea level, would the standard jets be able to work? Bike also has a boson Slip on. How much will that affect things? I Also have a no lights issue at the moment, but need to get here starting before i can work on that. Please any advice would be amazingly helpful. Thank you in advance, and happy riding