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  1. yes sound like you have it right. Idle should be somewhere between 1900-2000rpm. Can adjust by the choke noob.
  2. You will be riding like Dungy Now:) Good to hear you figured it out.
  3. Clockwise on the knob slows the idle down & Counter Clockwise speeds up Idle.
  4. What Bike do You have?
  5. Some thing must be off because when you turn the knob you will hear a difference and if you have the FI tool there is a rpm read out. Ya a 1/16th of inch sounds right. I had the same problem on my 2012 Wr450, had my Idle to high so when I would go into corners or down hills there would be no engine braking in fact it would pick up speed.
  6. There is a idle control knob on the throttle body. Its the choke knob. Turn knob
  7. I believe the grease is just for the water pump shaft seals. As far as sanding the cover I would not do it unless there is some scratches. If you do plan to sand have the sand paper on something very flat, do not use your hand behind the sand paper. I know when they do cylinder heads they have a flat piece of metal with a lapping compound on it. Then they take the head and go in a figure 8 motion on the metal plate. I just had my 2012 Wr450 engine rebuilt and after rebuild the weep hole started weeping, so I did the replacements you have done and all is good, but know my kick starter oring is starting to leak. Easy Fix. Good Luck Snow Drift.
  8. Thanks for the clarifying. Realized after I posted that Snow Drift is from United Kingdom.
  9. I have a 2012 Wr450 with fmf pipe and Gtyr Ecu. I never had a problem starting the Bike in Wisconsin 1000ft elevation, CO was at 0. Here in New Mexico where the elevation is 5000ft I had problems starting when Hot, so I changed my CO to -12 and bike starts when it is hot. Something kind of related, I was also have a problem starting the bike in gear. Thought changing the CO would fix that but it did not. Started looking at the Clutch Push Lever Comp and Push Rod to see if they were worn, but they looked fine. Then I noticed the Clutch Basket had grooves in it where the Clutch plates ride against. Ended up Filling down the Clutch basket and Whalaa! Bike starts in gear now. I might also add the clutch is much smoother. Feels like a new Bike. Could not be happier.
  10. That seems way to much for those parts! Goto RockyMountain Atv you can get the kit for Under $60 for parts and then you will need some Antifreeze also $20.
  11. Yes replace the oil seal because if that starts to leak it will go into your engine, no good. Your cleaned up shaft does not look good.The shaft is not that expensive either so I would replace.