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  1. Tiller60

    My bike is not straight

    and also. when taking my tires off and back on; I didn't touch the fork adjustments on top like shown in the link. would that make a difference on why it would be riding sideways. My other tires(before I touched it) rode great. Since I didn't loosen anything when I removed surely it wouldn't be different.
  2. Tiller60

    My bike is not straight

    Thanks for the help. I tried loosening the pinch bolts and spinning my tire, then use front brake then retighten them.. then still seems to be riding sideways still.. I might try to do the compression as taught in the link you supplied to see if that works. But I sure do appreciate your advice.
  3. Tiller60

    My bike is not straight

    Hey guys. I have a 2006 Drz400sm, which I just got new tires and was putting them on. Torqued it all down. But now, when I drove my bike after I was done; I have to turn a little right (with the handlebars) To go straight. its like I mis- aligned my tire on the front maybe? Any suggestions or answers would be appreciated.