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  1. Hello, this is my first post on this site and I am not yet fully aware of forum rules. That being said please be patient with me. This is my first dirt bike I have personally owned and my first time doing more serious mechanic work. I am asking for help about my DR's low engine speed idling and the fact that I can never start it a second time (it's just too hard to kick start it). I will let you guys know all I have done to it so far so as to get you up to date with my issues. I bought my bike used and had to put in a new engine (previous engine sucked a valve). After cleaning the carb twice and roughly adjusting the fuel mixture screw on the carb I got it to run decently (after two days of carb cleaning and adjusting I was so happy that it ran at all!) At first the air fuel mixture screw was out about 4 turns and the idle speed screw was up all of the way. I have since completely screwed in the air fuel mixture screw and the idle speed screw is now at 50% of maximum use. The bike now idles a bit better, but still not great. Mid RPMs are great and top end seems fine too. Crusing at a low speed though is jittery (~<4000 RPM). I believe that compression is fine, spark I believe is fine (replaced plug and plug cap, got a slightly bigger spark), but carb settings I am unsure of. It seems wrong to me that the air fuel mixture screw is all the way screwed in (0 turns out). Also, the bike is a biznit to start up again (literally I cannot start it) after a short 5-10 minute ride. It's like after the engine warms up a bit it is impossible for me to kick start it again (bike is kick start only). Do you guys have any recommendation on what I can do to begin to diagnose and solve this problem? (At first I thought it was flooding, then spark, now I have no idea). No matter how much I seem to adjust the carb settings from the outside, the bike doesn't idle well and it's not enjoyable to ride at low speeds. Other random info: bike has a cutout in air box