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  1. Live in the northeast work as an HVAC installer, I find it a rewarding career and make a good living. Like any other trade it’s all about what you put into it. I have a few friends that served and work for large commercial hvac outfits now and make a really good living with the Union. It’s a good trade because it’s always in demand. I think it all depends on what you like doing though. I’m Mechanical and find my trade rewarding but someone else may enjoy computer work. You have to find a career that suits your interests if you don’t want to be miserable doing. Thank you for your service.
  2. lanesey

    Sad day for CTMX

    I know guys were going to mx23 a lot last year. I guess it isn’t too far.
  3. lanesey

    Sad day for CTMX

    Pretty lame, not many options for riding in the state. Always seemed to be a pretty good crowd on the weekends. There must be a far secluded piece of farmland somewhere that Would work in this terrible state.
  4. lanesey

    DirtBike LC 2 Gas Can

    Hold a pair of needle nose pliers in open position across the span. If you can’t turn by hand use channel locks to spin the needle nose.
  5. The problem in my state (ct) is lack of legal riding. I’m lucky to have one area close to me that’s legal but the one public MX track closed this year.
  6. lanesey

    Mohard racing rad guards in California.

    Yeah if your out of business no problem, sell the design to someone else or take down the page so people stop asking.
  7. lanesey

    Mohard racing rad guards in California.

    I bought a set of guards off them last year. Talked to a guy in the shop (dan?) had luck emailing danny@mohardracing.com
  8. lanesey

    FC350 Owners....

    Love mine, very fast and handles like a dream. Definitely needed the FMF Ti upgrade and some minor tweaking but it hauls ass now.
  9. lanesey


    I got the same gear and returned it as soon as I tried it on. Seemed cheaply made and didn't fit well. Back to Troy lee super comfortable and well made. It's a shame a company like MSR went so far down hill.
  10. lanesey


    There is a reason why crap gear is so cheap.
  11. lanesey

    Picked up new 17' FC250

    I set my sag and run "sport" settings for the track, when I ride the woods I run comfort settings. I run 130 psi in the forks in the woods and 148 on the track.
  12. lanesey

    Picked up new 17' FC250

    Our clutch covers on the white KTMs say bel ray
  13. lanesey

    FC 350 setup for the woods.

    Next I'm thinking of doing the fastway or brp bar mounts. The rubber ones twisted on me. They aren't that hard to straighten back out but definitely a pain in the ass.