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  1. Pat Sims

    1998 xr600r

    Hi again my engine has been rebuilt last problem I had was the little clutch in the cam chain tensioner done fixed !!! Thanks . Thing starts first kick every time!! Was out for a run last weekend and my oil drain plug fell out I change the oil a couple of run ago so why?? Anyways the bike just stalled put another plug in it topped up the oil and this weekend she’s blowing blue smoke added a engine treatment and will see if it stops . Any other experiences you want to share that would be cool. Thanks Pat With the xr600r call MISERY!!
  2. Pat Sims

    Cam chain slip on 98 xr600r

    Thanks Man!!
  3. Rebuilt top end hot cam, chain,guilds ,tension spring and more for 3 months now it’s ran great last weekend started it loaded on trailer shut it off then went to location to ride then went to start it and kickstart would only go a 1/4 turn before it would jam. So headed back home removed rocker cover and found cam was 1/4 off ?? Chain was not loose spring still in tacked, then took side cover off removed everything to get to gear on crank and it’s mint!!! Any ideas or experiences let me know. Thanks Pat
  4. Pat Sims

    Xr600r 97' Help please

    Hi I just bought a 98 Xr600r and it was doing the same thing wouldn't start unless I pushed it,what I found was in the carb the bottom part of choke plate had severed in half one part staying attached to choke swivel bar the other part sucked into engine, I was lucky took the engine down to piston looking for that piece and found there was nothing wrong. But did find a lot of fragment in the exhaust so it blew right threw. So have a look in the carb see if there is a chunk missing, mine is back together and starts on the third kick every time. good luck Pat