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  1. After 6 really long months new vid done... here you are
  2. New vid again.. this time from new climbs
  3. another looooong vid... this time 5 riders... 2x gasgas, 1x hm, 1x honda, 1x CZ 250 cross
  4. We have climbed some hills for the first time
  5. little bit of cross traning... camera does not do justice... logs look smaller, hill less steep...
  6. Our newest vid from sunday ride ENJOY
  7. Another vid of climbs, crashes, watercrossing and lot of fun
  8. Hi guys, I have EC 250 2008 racing and I have kind of rattle when idling and sticking idle. I set my mixture screw 1,5 turn out from fully closed and idle screw a lot in. Bike idles really fine no matter if cold or hot, but when I blip the throttle idle sticks higher and remains until I put gear and loose the clutch a bit or plug exhaust with my hand, than idle is back at normal speed. Can it be because air leak? I have sprayed chain lube on carb manifold and no change, so there is no leak, but maybe crankshaft seal?? Although I have rattle on idle that I think is normal for 2T but maybe not. I have very similar rattle on Husqvarna WR 125 which is after engine rebuild. Is it normal or not? Maybe rattle from reeds?
  9. Short vid of technical hillblimbs Somebody made barricades on our trails
  10. Training loghopping in old abandoned railway tunnel
  11. and one with another friend on HM CRE 250F.. we found old railway tunnel
  12. Another vid of me and my friend crashing Not so much crashing, but extremely slippery
  13. I will post all of my vids from enduro riding on my Gasgas EC 250 2008 racing... today first vid of crashing, because of veeeery slippery conditions...