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  1. Ok. I'd say 20 yeah.
  2. I did the cam chain about 8 months ago. I ride like 2 times a month. I bought the bike a few years ago for 1200 bucks with spun cams on the gear. Or gear spun on the shaft slightly. So I fixed that all up an been riding it for a few years now. Never checked piston but was losing power burning oil etc. I realize the valve stem seals an all the other crap to deal with but. Guess I just felt my piston needed to be replaced an I'm replacing it. Already ordered it. It jus didn't have great compression it seemed. Guess that coulda been the valves off am opening a little to much from the auto decompression?? Idk...well maybe not when I checked the valves yesterday they were just a little on the tight side. Sorry I'm tired an just trying to put some tlc in it. But still do cam chain you think? When taking off my clutch shutters slightly. Is that those things on the back of the clutch basket or plates?
  3. I couldn't find it for weisco I'll send them a message an see
  4. Piston top was 76.55mm bottom was 76.83
  5. My ring end gap was .483mm
  6. Sorry I'm trying here.... my bike had a weisco piston in it. The manual specs are for a totally different piston. Those specs won't work on a weisco piston would they? I thought the ring end gap was a good way to tell if it's worn out?
  7. Also it's a weisco piston, which wouldn't be correct in the manual would it?
  8. I measured ring end gap. I measured top an bottom of piston. I just thought the quickest way to know if my problems which were very little were a result of worn out rings
  9. My ring measured .483mm 2010 kx250f at the top of the cylinder maybe a hair down into the cylinder. Is this a bad ring? Burned oil. Cylinders great. Pis5ons not bad looking at all. Weisco btw.
  10. Can't get it to load Can't get it to load
  11. Ok, what filter is best? I thought k&n were the best. Had no idea
  12. Just bought the pipe. Carb is untouched so I'm starting from scratch
  13. So my bike is all stock except 3x3, k&n, MRD z pro. What main jet, pilot jet, needle setting, fuel screw setting etc, whats the best set up at sea level?
  14. Ok so that is so I can adjust my fuel screw?
  15. Any photos of that brass screw? I couldn't find it. How do I find it. Searched drz. I'll try again. Any help is appreciated