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  1. I've been using the copper spray on gaskets on older bike rebuilds with slightly imperfect mating surfaces with good results. If there are big gouges another method might be required.
  2. Helluva find! I personally would fix it enough to be a good rider. Course I always end up with a lot more money in them than I anticipated. It's just money right? I was looking for a late 80s, early 90s kdx myself about a month ago. Yours seems like a great find.
  3. Yeah '85 250r forks and Daystar boots. The garage was on a bad day. It's usually a tad bit cleaner not much though. I will post pics of the build when I finish it hopefully within the next month.
  4. There is a guy on France on eBay that sells them. In eBay search 'decals xr200r' should pop up for 1982 year. I bought some for the 81 xr200r. Had to trim a tiny bit off side number plate stickers but they are good quality
  5. I haven't finished the bike yet. Hehe. Started over a year ago and havent worked on it in a while. I am about to wrap it up. Just need to finish the exhaust. It was a basket case and I spent way too much money on it but it was a fun project. Seemed like everything on the bike needed replaced except the frame. I prob could have bought a 2-3 year old ktm xc for the money I have in the thing. Anyway long story short, I haven't ridden it yet to see how it rides. This pic is horrible but it's all I have at the moment. Sorry for hijacking your thread. I won't post anymore after this.
  6. No, I'm in Southwest MO. I did use racetech emulators in my 250r forks with cannon springs though.
  7. They just need the spring outside diameter in mm measured once at the top and once at the bottom, the length in mm, and the spring rate you want and they will make them. Takes a couple weeks I think. Good luck on the vintage racer!
  8. I actually put a 1985 xr250r front end on my build. I had themake them at 44kg spring rate. I would have to research the rates of the 200 forks. It's been about a year since I was doing research myself on the topic. There are some older threads on here with good info on the subject.
  9. I had cannon race craft make me some stiffer springs for the front forks on my 81 xr200r build. They were very helpful and did good work. I got extremely tired of dealing with racetech. I had to return springs to racetech that were wrong, received horrible advice, and it took them an eternity to refund my money. I'm not sure if Cannon makes a rear spring for the shock or not.
  10. I'm about done with a 1982 xr200r complete rebuild and could have bought a nice 3-4 yr old bike for the same price. It's gonna be sweet though
  11. There is a 1983 xr200r parts bike on eBay right now. Pretty cheap too
  12. I just rebuilt some 1985 xr250r forks I'm putting on an 81 xr200r. I took a fork tube with the damper rod still installed to the local hardware store and started dropping nuts down in the tube till I found one that fit the piston end. Picked up 4 nuts and some all thread. Installed 2 nuts on each end and locked them together. Worked perfectly to hold the damper rod to uninstall.
  13. Hello All, Is there an XR250R year, rear shock spring that will work on a 1981 XR200r. I am currently in the middle of a build and have put a 1985 xr250r fornt end on a 1981 xr200r. I was wanting to just rebuild the 200r shock and maybe put a 250r spring on it. I have not been able to find any '84-'85 rear shocks around and my budget was blown long ago, lol. Oh well, just money right?
  14. Thanks! I appreciate it.
  15. Where did you find your seal head kit for the 82? I have a 1981 xr200r that I'm having trouble finding a seal head kit for.